Salt Point State Park, California


The turnoff from US Highway 101 (US 101) onto California State Road 1 (SR 1) back to the coast was the windiest road I’ve ever driven on — it’d laugh in the face of the canyon section of Idaho Highway 55 (ID 55). It’s also likely where Bigfoot lives, a statement I made while driving and that inspired E’s recent blog post. But the motion sickness is worth it. Avatar on Earth awaits. In the mornings, fog marches from the hills through the giant redwoods, windswept cypresses, and skyskraping eucalyptuses to the granite boulders scattering the sea. The banshees emerge from the fog. Kidding. But I did see some large turkey vultures. We crashed the first night in a designated spot at Westport-Union Landing State Park. We crashed the second night in an undesignated spot in the overflow RV parking lot at Salt Point State Park. The view at both parks was remarkable. The park themselves, however, were unremarkable (California’s state parks, at least the half a dozen or so we’ve visited, are poorly maintained and decrepit, especially compared to Oregon). We moved on the next morning to Yosemite, hoping the National Park System could redeem California.


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