Name the Blog! (Again)

Name the Blog! (Again)


The current contenders:

  • VANablog
  • VANgabond Blog
  • AdVANturous

Got any more for us?


From Old Post:

Vanablog is the best we’ve got thus far. While it’s certainly a contender — so let us know if you like it — we feel like there’s a better name out there. Winner will receive a digital high-five and perhaps a worthless trinket that one of the kids forces us to buy along the trek and then bores with it a few days later.

Also, we’re no WordPress experts. We’d gladly accept help, feedback, redesign, whatever, to help make this blog more aesthetically pleasing. Let us know if you have the skillz!

18 Replies to “Name the Blog! (Again)”

  1. Ok so my creative mind works a little differently than most people’s…haha! I’m going to bed… 🙂

  2. Don’t you dare change it. It took me an hour on the phone with Judy just to get into Vanablog, I I love Vanablog!!!!

  3. Thought of another one while vacuuming… “Van de CAMPERS” (take off on Van de Kamp’s)

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