Magical Meat Stick?

I bought this meat stick during halftime of the Boise State vs. Colorado State game. I had to leave the house before I threw something—and not just my Boise State hat—at the television. So I walked around the block, got into several verbal altercations with bushes that were smirking at me, and then ventured into the corner market. I was looking for something stiff, but instead I purchased a limp meat stick.

After returning home, and then returning to my depressed state upon noticing that Boise State had not scored any points during halftime, I took my first bite of the meat stick. It was spicy, perhaps spicier than any pepperoni stick I’ve tested yet to date. It also had a similar consistency and flavor to my go-to meat stick, the Tillamook Country Smoker pepperoni stick. I looked closer at the wrapper: Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks, Tillamook, Oregon. Meat certainly does have a regional flavor.

Shortly after finishing the stick, Boise State defied the odds (0.3% win probability according to ESPN; see chart below) and mounted an epic comeback against Colorado State—which elicited the reaction below and many other reactions that I’d be embarrassed to share on this blog. Was the comeback because of this magical meat stick? Likely. So you’ll know what I’ll be snacking on if Boise State falls behind Air Force tomorrow.

One thought on “Magical Meat Stick?

  1. DUDE…I’v been on a meat stick kick, ever sense CDA! I actually had to start a budgetary line for meat snacks. Smokey Davis off state is unreal! Trip is looking good!


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