Adiós, America!

Well, at least the part in the United States….

We originally hoped to enter Mexico in mid-November. After several delays — finalizing a business project, fixing/upgrading the van, and wanting to spend the holidays with the in-laws — we’re now ready to jump the border, likely the second week of January.

I’ve attached a rough map of our trip below. If you have a contact(s) near the blue line, we’re hoping that you’d be willing to put us in touch with them. We’d love to meet friends and family of friends and family along the way. It also adds security to our trip, getting local opinions on safe places stay. We’re not necessarily looking for places to crash — our van is self-contained and can function off-the-grid, so to speak, for several days at a time — but if your contacts know a safe park or campground or parking lot for us to stay overnight, we’d certainly appreciate the information. You and/or they can contact us through this site.

And finally, once or twice a month, we plan to get out of the van and stay in a hotel or rental house or sailboat (I got my skipper’s license!). If you happen to be vacationing or looking to vacation near the blue line, please let us know. If we’re nearby and/or if we can time it right, we’d love to meet up. Or we’d love to just plan a vacation with you.

One thought on “Adiós, America!

  1. We have so enjoyed your blogs. If you happen to go to Ushuaia, Argentina (at the tip of the continent), there’s a nice hotel up a bit from town overlooking the Beagle Channel that we stayed in with Katy and Marla. I think it’s the Los Acebos Ushuaia Hotel. It’s pretty chilly there, so that might be a good night to splurge and get a room! 🙂 Please tell the kiddos “hi” from “Grandpa Mark and Gram Marcia”! – Mark and Marcia VanSkiver


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