American Oystercatcher & Bahia de Los Angeles

In route to Bahia Conception, we spent two nights at Bahia de Los Angeles. The bay was home to some exotic (well, at least to this Idahoan) birds, including the American Oystercatcher (picture below), Royal Tern, Reddish Egret, and Long-Billed Curlew. I spent most of my mornings watching these birds pluck fish and crustaceans from the tide pools. We spent our nights chatting under a waxing moon and around a bonfire with a hodgepodge of Baja California travelers, including our friends from Alberta, a family from Montreal, a couple from Alaska, a dude from Chile, an Australian actor and American TV producer (that producers Undercover Boss, among other shows), and another American TV producer (that works on shows from Duck Dynasty to Undercover Boss) that rode from the more well-know Los Angeles on a motorcycle.

One thought on “American Oystercatcher & Bahia de Los Angeles

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