Brown Pelicans & Bahia Concepcion

The brown pelicans in the video below put the lazy, dock-dwelling pelicans I paddle-boarded by in the Oceanside, CA harbor to shame. For all light hours — and likely many dark hours — they flew off the ocean, coasted in the sea breeze, and then dive-bombed back into the ocean, synchronized in their attacks. They only rested a minute or so between flights. And they seemed to catch fish on every dive. Impressive to watch.

Bahia Concepcion itself is also impressive. The water is Caribbean turquoise and the sand feels like a Tempurpedic mattress. Sailboats dot the bay. Copper islands float on the horizon. It’s the most beautiful beach we’ve seen in Baja California to date. The wind, unfortunately however, howled most of the two days we spent there, putting a slight bummer on our stay. This bummer, though, was lifted one night at Estrella Del Mar, a quaint, open-air restaurant that was also the best restaurant meal we’ve had to date (the best overall meal goes to the goat taco stand in Guerro Negro). If we didn’t have to get to La Paz by January 28th, we would’ve crashed here a few more nights (the wind, of course, was dying the day we left…).

Oh, and on the way to Bahia Conception we stopped briefly in San Ignacio, a mission founded by father Juan Bautista Luyando and father Sebastian Sistiage in 1728 in a literal oasis in the desert. Rio San Lucas runs nearby. Palm trees crowd the city. It was the greenest, and I suppose wettest, spot we’ve seen inland Baja California. There was even a hint of humidity in the air. The church (see picture below) they built here remains intact and divine. We stopped on a Sunday, and while we didn’t stay for mass, we were able to peak inside and hear the choir practicing.

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