Mexican Delight

The Chronicles of Narnia is the greatest book series ever written! I will not argue this fact! It spurned my love for reading — prior to that, reading ranged from intolerable, when Nerf guns and GI Joes were available, to tolerable, when it was raining outside and I couldn’t play “Follow The Judge To The Court”, a game I believe my brother Drew and I invented. The second book in the series, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, remains my favorite (favourite?). I’m even attempting to read it in Spanish at the moment. In this book, Edmund, the brat of the pack, sells out his siblings for a box of Turkish Delights. I would’ve likely done the same — I dig me some chewy sweet candies — and thus, as a kid, I became fairly obsessed with finding and devouring Turkish Delights. I can’t quite remember when or where I found them, but I can remember being disgusted. I’d expected cinnamon gummy bears covered in powered sugar. Instead, I got rubbery squares that tasted like rose and soap with a hint of old lady perfume.

I expected similar disappointment when Bruce and Laurie Heimbigner told me about Sponch. We met them in Bahia de Magdalena (get this! they’re from Pullman, Washington and know my relatives, the Shaheen family). We swapped travel stories and recommendations. I can’t remember most of their recommendations — I was suffering from extreme vehicle envy and couldn’t pay attention — but I did remember Sponch, mostly for what I figured I wouldn’t like about them. I don’t like biscuit-style cookies (like the Biscoff cookies you always get on airplanes) nor coconut candy (like Mars) nor jelly-filled anything (like donuts) nor marshmallow-y candy (like Sno Balls). According to the Heimbigners, Sponch is basically a cookie topped by four miniature marshmallows covered in coconut flakes with a squirt of strawberry goo in the center. Yummy.

Yet yummy, for reals, they are. I’m already on my second box since arriving in La Paz — I saved a few pesos on the second box by purchasing the leftover Christmas stash. I struggle to eat less than three per day. There’s probably nicotine in there. But there’s also, according to the box and my likely incorrect translation, added vitamins and minerals. You take the good with the bad, I suppose.

So…. Thanks Heimbigners! I’ve found my Mexican Delight. And probably diabetes.

P.S. Some of you, and you know whom you are, need to get your mind out of the gutter after reading the headline.

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