Cassin’s Kingbird

Cassin’s Kingbird

Saw my first one of these at LEGO Land in Oceanside, California. I’ve seen several in Mexico since. It’s a fun bird to watch. Unlike most birds its size, which hop from branch to branch every few seconds, the Cassin’s Kingbird is patient. It’ll sit on a branch for minutes, slowly (well, slow for a bird) swiveling its head back and forth, waiting for right moment to spring forward and swallow an unsuspecting insect. It’s also a fun bird to listen to. It has, sort of, a construction-worker-whistling-at-a-passing-babe whistle, followed by a series of staccato cha-cheer-sounding chirps.

(Sorry the picture is blurry. I need one of the telescopic birdie cameras….)

4 Replies to “Cassin’s Kingbird”

  1. Some very interesting observations. The “bird blog” reminded me of the little bird that used to sing outside your sister’s window and drove her crazy.

  2. You’re not going to like this.

    We were saying the morning prayer on the way to school last week.

    Madelyn: “Daddy, can I say something that I’m thankful for?”

    Me: “Of course”

    Madelyn: “Geese”

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