Montezuma Oropendola

Montezuma Oropendola

Excellent name. Strange bird. Perhaps the strangest, most interesting bird I’ve yet seen. The males and females are both colorful — chocolate-colored overall with a vibrant yellow tail and white spots below their eyes and pointy, orange and black beaks — though the males are much larger. The males also — at least I think they were the males, since they seemed to be the largest birds in the colony — make a crazy, almost mechanical-sounding gurgling sound, like water being poured from an electronic teapot. While they do this, they completely flip over the branch they’re standing on, like they’re actually pouring out water from the teapot. See video blow.

5 Replies to “Montezuma Oropendola”

  1. I like the videos you guys post. When the bird flip upside down, I couldn’t tell how it flipped back upright.

    1. We’d post more videos, but it takes like an hour to upload a ten-second video with the internet speeds down here….

  2. What an amazing bird. Your pictures and story remind me of the far less exciting “Whitney’s bird.” Remember? Every morning (about 7:15) in the spring it sings its two note call – about a Bb to a G (minor 3rd). It used to drive your sister crazy right outside her window.

  3. I certainly remember that dang bird.. Every.single.morning.

    Great videos! I am loving the blog posts. Keep up the good work!

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