Porchi Cabano Meat Stick

I’ve been on a meat stick drought lately. Not for lack of desire. But for lack of access. They just didn’t occupy the prominent locale next to registers in Central America. Hopefully — hopefully! — South America is different….

My Lovely Wife

Andrea picked up two packets of the Porchi Cabano meat sticks for me at the grocery store. Snatched them as soon as she saw them. She loves me that much.

And while, temporarily, these meat sticks have given much-needed lining to my inner intestines, I will need more. Mucho more. And better. These were good, but more like eating-deli-meat-from-the-buffet good. Medium dryness (I prefer dry), no punch, and not a lot of flavor. Just very and generally meat stick-y.

Meat has become increasing prominent in South America, however — a traditional Colombian lunch serves both a meat soup and a meat platter — so here’s to hoping that there’s more and better to come!

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