Fun Jardin Quirks #2

Because one is never enough.

The Jardin Horse Gait

Here’s a video of a horse performing, what I’m calling, The Jardin Horse Gait (described in the first Fun Jardin Quirks).


This town has a disproportionate number of parades. I feel like most towns average one or two per year. Three seems extreme. Jardin averages one or two per month. We’ve already seen four in our short time here. Thus, if I’m doing my math right, which I’m probably not, Jardin averages between unnecessary and overkill parades per year. Everett and Paheli have already been in two. See video of one below.

Will They or Won’t They

The school district here decides the day before what hours they will be open the next day. Or if they will be open at all. It’s written daily in the kids’ notebooks. If we don’t check the notebooks, we don’t know the hours. In addition, seemingly, there’s no such thing (or gig) as a substitute teacher here. If a teacher is out, class is out. Our kids haven’t completed a full week of school yet.

We don’t understand the rhyme or reason of the school schedule. If there is one. We also don’t understand how parent(s) can work with an ever-rotating school schedule. But perhaps that’s just the United Staters in us. The locals don’t seem to mind.

Non-Chicken Chicken Buses

Does that make them tofu? Jokes.

Chicken busses, named because, at least back in the day, folks brought their chickens on the busses to sell at various markets, are bright and brash and brazen reconstructed school busses that drive at the speed of sound throughout Central America. We’ve almost lost our lives to several in route to South America.

They call ’em “Chivas” in Colombia. Chivas are much like their Central American counterparts, with two notable differences: One, they’re open air, and two, they’re incontrovertibly more annoying. It’s almost as if they thought: “You know what? Those horns on those chicken buses in Central America aren’t annoying enough. We can do better!” See video below.

Caballo-Friendly Restaurants

Forget bringing your dog to the pub. Bring your horse!

Instagram Photos

I’ve decided to combine Instagram accounts. I’m too lazy to manage both. I also suppose I want to share more than just photos of vintages cars and birds. Here’s the new account: @blindbalakay. Follow along at your peril.

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