Southern Peru

Wowzers. ArequipaI wanna call this place Arequipe ('e' instead of 'a'), the name of a dulce de leche (think caramel) delicioso we discovered on a sailboat in the San Blas Island — and then subsequently found everywhere in Colombia. Sweet nostalgia, I suppose. Arequipa, with an 'a', is pretty sweet as well. Nestled in the … Continue reading Southern Peru

Central Peru

Peru improved the further south we ventured. LimaOur first stop after a dusty, dragging, cabeza-numbing trek through Northern Peru. A decent stop. A reprieve. Andrea and I flew to Peru for vacation nearly nine years ago. We spent a few days in a swanky hotel in the touristy Miraflores neighborhood of Lima before puddle-jumping to … Continue reading Central Peru

Northern Peru

Andrea's opinion for this post: don't bother. Writing or visiting. End of post. No TeleportationOne aspect of overlanding (traveling over land) that we've come to appreciate is the actual overlanding. The driving (it's also the costliest, gas being our biggest expense). When you fly, you teleport from one, likely, developed and/or touristy location to another, … Continue reading Northern Peru