El Salvador

Home of the MS-13. And pupusas (stuffed tortillas)! Crossing the BorderEl Salvador is certainly one of the, how do I say this without frightening my parents, more murder-y, err, less safe, countries we're traveling through. And border towns are typically less safe than other towns. We were determined to van through. Rápido. Then we saw … Continue reading El Salvador

Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Sweet River. Indeed. Bye Bye BikesOne too many topes. One too many crappy roads. The steel on our Yakima FullSwing severed in half, dragging our bikes on the highway. We were fortunate we checked our rear view camera when we did. We pulled over in a small village a couple dozen kilometers outside of Tikal. … Continue reading Rio Dulce, Guatemala


Okay. We lied: Palenque is not the Indiana Jones ruins. Tikal is. This is where you can harness your inner Indiana — though, unlike Palenque, they don't sell fedoras at the entrance. Calm RuinsI'm sure Tikal gets overrun. We arrived on a Sunday. We expected throngs of tourbuses and tourists and trash and tiendas. General … Continue reading Tikal

Clarissa Falls, Belize

What's around that corner? Greener grass? Whiter beach? On this trip, I often ruminate, sometimes pontificate, on those questions. I'm also innately antsy. And when you're constantly looking elsewhere, you struggle to see what's right in front of your face. I'm sure some famous person said that. Or something similar. Third DayWe spent the first … Continue reading Clarissa Falls, Belize

Placencia, Belize

The Caye you can drive to, as the locals say. We skipped Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, mostly because the ferries to the islands were complicated with our van but also because, as we've read, and confirmed through other travelers, they're crowded. And gringo. Expats have driven up the prices and out the local charm. … Continue reading Placencia, Belize

Belize Zoo

Our first stop. Actually, the Tropical Education Center (TEC), an eco-reserve ran by the Zoo, was our first stop. They allow overlanders to camp in their parking lot. They also offer several cabanas for rent. TEC frontiers the jungle and features hiking and bird watching trails, an above-ground pool, meeting rooms, and a restaurant. TEC … Continue reading Belize Zoo