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Baja Ferry

Baja Ferry

(Written by Everett; typed by Dad)

When we got to Mazatlan it was Valentine’s Day. Dia de San Valentin.

I was scared at first, but it was fun. It had two restaurants, video games, and rooms. We stayed overnight. We got bunkbeds. The room was little. The ferry was called Baja Ferry. The ferry was super.

The Whale Tour

The Whale Tour

Written by Everett (typed by Dad)

Date: 31/1/2018

We went out to see the whales. I was scared at first, but then when I was looking at them it was fun. A whale went under our boat. It looked like it was turquoise. We saw lots of whales. We saw blowholes. And we saw one jump.

Song of Halloween

Song of Halloween

Written by Everett (typed by Dad)

When it gets dark

spooky things come out

at least you think.

But when it gets dark

put on your costume.

When you knock on somebody’s door

they will come to the door

with candy in a bowl.


How we love Halloween.

It’s! So! Much! Fun!


Halloween is fun.

Say trick or treat

and you will get some candy.

The End

How To Make Pizza

How To Make Pizza

Written by Everett (typed by Dad)

Step 1: Put the dough in the oven.

Step 2: Take the dough out of the oven.

Step 3: Spread dough around a plate and put cheese or cheese and pepperoni and cook it in the oven.

Step 4: Take the pizza out of the oven.

Now you have pizza. Eat. Yum.