El Salvador

Home of the MS-13. And pupusas (stuffed tortillas)! Crossing the BorderEl Salvador is certainly one of the, how do I say this without frightening my parents, more murder-y, err, less safe, countries we're traveling through. And border towns are typically less safe than other towns. We were determined to van through. Rápido. Then we saw … Continue reading El Salvador


Ever feel like you’re tightroping that wire between getting messed with and going crazy? I recently did. Every morning for about a week, the clothes on the bottom rack of my shelf had become unfolded and formed a trail from the rack to the staircase. I figured it was Andrea — she’s certainly been schooled … Continue reading Raghetti

Beers in Oceanside

What’s this place you ask? A place where dreams and headaches are made..... Much like its mother location, planted in a nondescript, significantly off-the-beaten-path industrial park in Escondido, this baby locale is not obvious from the street. Had not my in-laws told me about it, I would’ve missed it. Again. It was actually open earlier … Continue reading Beers in Oceanside