Placencia, Belize

The Caye you can drive to, as the locals say. We skipped Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, mostly because the ferries to the islands were complicated with our van but also because, as we've read, and confirmed through other travelers, they're crowded. And gringo. Expats have driven up the prices and out the local charm. … Continue reading Placencia, Belize

Snorkel Adventure

Written by Everett. Typed by Dad. Date: 12th of April When we got to the Mariposa, we wanted to go in the pool, so we got on our swimsuits. It was 4ft to 5ft. The next day, we went to The Sidewalk. The next day, we went snorkeling at the second largest reef system in … Continue reading Snorkel Adventure

Laguna Bacalar

Our last stop in Mexico. And a goodie. The lagoon of seven or seventy, depending on who is describing or who (like me) is listening and translating, colors. Mostly blue colors, however. All gorgeous. This, as much if not more so than all of the recommendations we've received in Mexico, lived up to the hype. … Continue reading Laguna Bacalar

Mexico’s Caribbean

We spent the last week of March on the Caribbean side of Mexico. Mainly hiding. It was Spring Break in the US and Semana Santa (Easter week) in Mexico. Everyone was on vacation. Eh. Vree. One. But I suppose we're everyone too. TulumWe initially stopped in Tulum. Tulum is famous for having one of the … Continue reading Mexico’s Caribbean