Instagram Feeds

We've been seeing so many incredible birds (Colombia has more bird species than any other country) and vintage cars (Colombia also seemingly has more vintage SUVs than any country) that I decided to (or succumbed to) start a couple Instagram feeds. Feel free to follow, if you're so inclined. Birds: Balakay @balakaysbirds Cars: Vanablog @workingvintages

Some Cock-of-the-Rocks

Caught a few of these Andean Cock-of-the-Rocks just outside Jardin, Colombia. Beautiful, crazy birds. The males, as you can see, have disk-like mohawks and brilliant blood-orange plumage. They head-bang and squeal (kinda sound like pigs; see video below) when courting females. We didn't actually see any females, however. At least we don't think we did. … Continue reading Some Cock-of-the-Rocks

Snowy Egret

Another Mohawk! (Kinda hard to tell from the picture I took.) The Snowy Egret is an elegant and entertaining wader. A couple days before, I'd fallen asleep watching a Great Blue Heron do nothing on the shore in this same location. In contrast, this fella was skipping, running, dancing, whatever, to catch little fishies being … Continue reading Snowy Egret