Okay. We lied: Palenque is not the Indiana Jones ruins. Tikal is. This is where you can harness your inner Indiana — though, unlike Palenque, they don't sell fedoras at the entrance. Calm RuinsI'm sure Tikal gets overrun. We arrived on a Sunday. We expected throngs of tourbuses and tourists and trash and tiendas. General … Continue reading Tikal

Oaxaca, Mexico

We went, because they told us to go. They. The other tourists. Of course, we're capable of making our own decisions. I think. We're adults. Occasionally. Yet, the fervor, the conviction bespoken about Oaxaca (pronounced Wa-Ha-Ka) was convincing at the least. Darn necessitating at the best. We had to go. We'd miss the best food … Continue reading Oaxaca, Mexico


Battlestar Galactica After returning from India a few years ago, I suffered through a six-week bout with giardia. It mostly won. During the bout, I sustained myself on a strict diet of Cap’n Crunch and Netflix. The nutritional deficiency created by the former caused me not to remember much of the latter. However, I was able … Continue reading Teotihuacán