Southern Peru

Wowzers. ArequipaI wanna call this place Arequipe ('e' instead of 'a'), the name of a dulce de leche (think caramel) delicioso we discovered on a sailboat in the San Blas Island — and then subsequently found everywhere in Colombia. Sweet nostalgia, I suppose. Arequipa, with an 'a', is pretty sweet as well. Nestled in the … Continue reading Southern Peru

Central Peru

Peru improved the further south we ventured. LimaOur first stop after a dusty, dragging, cabeza-numbing trek through Northern Peru. A decent stop. A reprieve. Andrea and I flew to Peru for vacation nearly nine years ago. We spent a few days in a swanky hotel in the touristy Miraflores neighborhood of Lima before puddle-jumping to … Continue reading Central Peru